Your Community Theatre

High Definition in 3D, Without the Glasses!

2023-24 SEASON



Dorothy Gets Scrooged

Written by Bill Johnston

Directed by Mike Dietrich

Nov 23 – Dec 10, 2023


Dorothy Gets Scrooged is a mash-up of two favorite seasonal classics: “The Wizard of Oz” and “A Christmas Carol”.


Imagine, if you will, a time when Dorothy wasn’t as sweet as she once was in Kansas . . . Many years after Dorothy returned from the land of Oz, she became a successful businesswoman by befriending and becoming business partners with the suspiciously familiar woman next door, one Elvira Havisham. Unfortunately, Dorothy has also become quite nasty and miserly just like Charles Dickens’ infamous character. Now, seven years after the passing of Havisham, Dorothy is visited by her ghost.

This irreverently hilarious musical tells of Dorothy’s journey as she is visited by three other ghosts who also look vaguely familiar. They try to show her the errors of her ways by presenting the past, the present, and a not so glorious future. But be aware, it does not end quite the way you think it should…


Radio Plays, Live!

Directed by Alan Holmes

Feb 15 – Mar 3, 2024


Inspired by the golden age of radio, we feature two radio play, performed live, in front of a “live studio audience”.


The first is, The Adventures of Philip Marlowe – “The Green Flame”
by Raymond Chandler
A gritty crime drama revolving around a hard-boiled detective, Philip Marlowe who is investigating a case of libel that quickly turns to intrigue, and possibly, romance.

The second is, Fibber McGee & Molly – “Piano Lessons”
by Don Quinn
A light-hearted comedy about an aspiring pianist with no musical talent whatsoever. Fibber McGee is a teller of tall tales and a braggart, usually to the exasperation of his long suffering wife Molly. In this episode, Fibber decides he needs to learn how to play the piano…


Visiting Mr. Green

Written by Jeff Baron

Directed by Mort Paul

Apr 18 – May 5, 2024


“Visiting Mr. Green tells its story with such quiet conviction that theatregoers find tears trickling down their cheeks before they realize what’s hit them. It’s a beautiful exercise in learning to live with – and care for – one another.”



Eighty-six-year-old widower Mr. Green is almost hit by a car driven by young corporate executive Ross Gardiner. Found guilty of reckless driving, Ross is ordered to spend the next six months making weekly visits to Mr. Green. What starts off as a comedy about two people who resent being in the same room together develops into drama, as family secrets are revealed and old wounds are opened.